Friday, February 6, 2009

Suddenly acquired goods

Today I received a letter from Archerwannabe, another TYPE-MOON fan from Finland that I met during the winter break.
During my stay in Tokyo we went together to ufotable Cafe, a small cafe located in the lower part of the studio ufotable. This studio is the responsable of the Kara no Kyoukai movies.

In this cafe they give promotional coasters, but because is a thing that you can only get there, became valuable collector items that are sold at absurdly high prices at Yahoo! Auctions.

Long story short, we managed to get the coaster available, but I had to return to Kyoto so I was unable to get the new released coaster. Archerwannabe kindly said me that he would get an extra coaster for me before returning to Finland, but he had a lot of troubles so at the end we couldn't meet before his return. I gave it up as lost, but he uber-kindly sent it to me by mail.

As a bonus he also sent me a Lycèe card of Serio!! Man, I was literally crying tears of joy when I opened the letter. Thank you, thank you very much Archerwannabe!!!

Lycèe is a trading card game that uses characters from visual novels. Is really interesting because it uses VN characters from almost all the major publishers (if my memory serves me right, I saw characters from TYPE-MOON, Leaf, Key, Nitro+, Alice Soft, Navel, 07th Expansion and a few more companies that I don't know well enough to remember).
I'm very tempted with this game because uses characters from my favorite VN makers, but I try to hold back because as an ex-Magic The Gathering player, I know how time and money consuming is the trading card games world.

EDIT: I forgot that I never took a photo of the previous coaster. Here is it:

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