Monday, February 16, 2009

Pre-ordered figures

As promised, I'll list the figures that I have on pre-order.

When I was in Spain my main figure supplier was Hobby Link Japan, but if you live in Japan is faster and cheaper (they usually do a 20% discount in the pre-orders, and the shipping cost is free).
There are not many figure shops in Kyoto. Melonbooks, Animate and Gamers have a very restricted stock, and the only shop specialized in figures, Super Position (located also in Teramachi), is focused more to the gashapon, arcade prizes and trading figures than regular figures.
So at the end, all the figures that I buy is via Amazon.

1/7 Ciel nun version by ebCraft. 8,980 yen to be released March 25.
Sculptor is French Doll from Cerberus Project.
This figure was already on my wishlist when was released as a (sorta) castoffable resin-kit, because for an odd reason Frech Doll's face sculpts actually works on Ciel's face. Previously released Frech Doll's figures that I own are Saber, Rin and Rider, and the sculpt's weak point is always the face.

1/7 Ciel combat uniform version by ebCraft. Again 8,980 yen to be released March 25.
Is a variant of the previous one, but different enought to do a double purchase.

1/6 Ryougi Shiki by Movic. 6,825 yen to be released in April 25.
Sculpt by an unknown for me, サイトウヒール, that I don't how to romanize (Saitou Heal or Heel?). I don't really like it that much, but at least is a big scale...

The gorgeous 1/7 Saber Lily by Good Smile Company. 9800 yen, on sale May 25.
Sculpt by the always competent Kawahara Takayuki, responsible among others of Saber Alter Dress version, Illya from Fate/stay night Trading Figure Collection, Caren and Caster from Fate/hollow ataraxia Collection and Saber and Rin from FA4 Type-Moon Collection.

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