Monday, August 29, 2011

1/10 Amami Haruka & Miura Azusa by Wave

1/10 Amami Haruka and Miura Azusa by Wave were released in May and July respectively, but since both are from the same figure line (Beach Queens series) and both share the same origin (THE iDOLM@STER), I'll review them together.

Haruka is sculpted by Abira, who also did Takane figure. Includes a detachable swim tube and two interchangeable faces:

Normal face.

Winking face.

The overall figure is rather nice, and I like Abira's face sculpts with iM@S characters.
There's only a major flaw in the sculpt; the pose is leaning way too much to the front making it a likely candidate to bend the PVC and be a leaning figure.

Also this pose is not very photogenic outside the strictly front angle.

Rear shot.

Azusa sculpt is by Clumsy Zero, based in an official illustration by Annin Doufu:

It includes two faces, a normal one and a smiling with the eyes shut one. Perhaps the forehead and cheeks are a bit too wide in my opinion...

Normal face

Smiling face

The pareo is made of transparent rubber and can be detached.

And true to the character, she have a really nice body.

Rear shot.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Figma Ayanami Rei Plugsuit Ver. by Max Factory

Received two months ago but unopened until today, figma Ayanami Rei Plugsuit Ver. by Max Factory.

Unlike the terrible disappointment that was figma Asuka, Rei doesn't have any fault in the sculpt, albeit as a figma is rather plain.

The accessories consist in three faces (neutral, angry and smiling), 11 hands (one of them holding Shinji's S-DAT player) and an Eva cockpit like the ones included with figma Asuka and figma Mari

Neutral face.
Unlike Mari and specially Asuka, the breast part have no problem this time.

Smiling face holding the S-DAT. Not really visible in the photo, but I received my copy with a profound scratch across her right eye.

Angry face.

And the cockpit.

And finally a rear shot. Her buttocks is not as nice as Asuka's or Mari's.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Fate/EXTRA Visual Fanbook

Slowly filling the review list. I still have 8 figures unopened and 6 artbooks/guidebooks to do... In order of purchase the next is Fate/Extra Visual Fanbook, released back in February.

Unlike the disappointment that was Fate/EXTRA Perfect Guide, this artbook contains all the stuff I wanted, specially an extensive gallery section and early design and sketches for the characters.

The first part is the gallery section, filled with pictures from promotional material (mostly telecards). Most of them are by Wada Rco, with a few by Takeuchi.

Yuri overtoned picture of Saber and Rin.

Cute Caster and Rin.

The character bios section includes not only their stats but also the in-game character cuts:

Bio page for Saber.

It includes an extensive part filled with Takeuchi's initial designs. Most of them already appeared here.

Gawain and Lu Bu designs by Takeuchi

The info for the huke designed weapons. In the picture Lancer's Gae Bolg, Gawain's Excalibur Gallatin and Berserker's God Force.

The following part are a bunch of interviews, that I didn't take pictures of it because was mostly a wall of text.

Next is a gallery made by guest artists. Unlike the official art that most of the times includes either Saber, Caster or Rin, the characters here are pretty diverse:

Saber by AkaRingo

Caster & Alice by Fruit Punch

Leo and Gawain by Sumihei

The last part part includes a couple of short manga by Wada Rco (one of them already appeared in Type-Moon Ace 5) and a short novel called "Seven's feel".

Random page from the short manga.