Thursday, August 12, 2010

1/10 Shijou Takane by Wave

The other figure that I received along Rin is 1/10 Shijou Takane by Wave, sculpted by Abira.

Shijou Takane is one of the two new idols in iDOLM@STER SP, and became my favorite idol as soon as I started to play. Takane is very mature for her age (17) and was raised to be the perfect ojou-sama without being two-faced, a tsundere or act like an spoiled brat.

As part of Beach Queens Treasure Figure Collection, is wearing the same swimsuit that uses in the game, the "Gravure mizugi". Is a classical skirted swimsuit with polka dots. With the silver hair gives her a bit of "granny fashion", but Takane already talks and behaves old fashioned.

She holds the sandals behind her back. The sandals are actually loose and hangs in the fingers.

She comes with two interchangeable faces: an open mouthed smile and an embarrassed smile. The open mouthed smile one doesn't look very good in the photos because the color of the mouth is too pale...

And this is the shy smile face. It looks cute, but I prefer the other one.

Bonus picture:
Takane with Rin's body. Looks a bit weird since Takane bust size is 90 and Rin's only 77...

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