Thursday, August 12, 2010

1/10 Tohsaka Rin by Wave

Yesterday I received 2 figures, the first of them is 1/10 Tohsaka Rin by Wave.

If I recall correctly, this is the first time I purchase something made by Wave. The quality is not bad; the sculpt and paint job are good, but the size (about 16 cm, a head taller than a Figma) make it more similar to a trading figure than a proper figure... that is why the price is only half of the "normal" price range for figures.

The sculpt is by Okumura Yukio (circle the poppy puppet). Is not the best face I saw in a figure of Rin, but is not bad either.

The neck is jointed, so the head can move a little (albeit the poseability is very limited by the hair).

Since is part of the Beach Queens Treasure Figure Collection, Tohsaka is wearing her Fate/hollow ataraxia bikini.

Bonus picture:
The figures in the Beach Queens lines can swap heads, so this is Rin in Shijou Takane's swimsuit. I think I like her more in this rather conservative swimsuit than in her own...
In the next post I'll review Takane figure.

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