Thursday, November 24, 2011

Fate/stay night volume 16

And yet more manga, Fate/stay night volume 16 by Nishiwaki Datto.

Not really much to say. Still I don't like Nishiwaki's manly faces EVEN ON FEMALES, and I expected something new after the Caster arc (that was a mix between Fate and UBW routes), but now it clearly goes for the Fate route.

This volumes covers the first battle against Gilgamesh.

Even with Avalon, Shirou moving around with that cut was a bit too much...

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Prisma Illya Volume 4 Limited Edition

Today is the turn to review Fate/kaleid liner Prisma☆Illya 2wei! volume 4 Limited Edition by Hiroyama Hiroshi, that was released in late September.

It includes a box (upper left), the volume 4 with alternate cover, a drama CD (that I didn't listened yet) and a Nendoroid Petit Illya.

Illya close up. Until I saw this figure, I never realized that Prisma Illya version of Illya have orange eyes instead of red...

It comes with an alternate face and Kaleido Ruby is detachable.

Since I don't have volumes 2 and 3, I'm a bit lost with the current events.

Illya, Kuro and Miyu birthday celebration at the beach.

Hot yuri action!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Newtype November '11

Lately I don't have much time to update the blog, and the pending reviews are piling up...

I received
Newtype November '11 issue at the same time I got the Young Ace, almost a month ago.

The issue main focus is Fate/Zero, but I bought it because it included a Weiss Schwarz card:

This is a PR card for the upcoming Fate/Zero Booster Pack

The contents about Fate/Zero are not really worth mentioning:

I watched the first 8 episodes in one go the last weekend. Ufotable is doing a pretty good job, so far faithfully adapting the novels.

There's also included an extra booklet called My Favorite Saber, with comments by the anime staff and voice actors about what they think about Saber as a character.

Is subdivided in a Carnival Phantasm section:

And a Fate/Zero section:

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Saber Extra Arcade Prize by Sega

One of the figures that I received months ago was this Saber Extra Arcade Prize by Sega.

Like other arcade prizes by Sega , the overall quality is low but reasonable since those figures are UFO catcher prizes that can be won if you are skilled for only 500 yen.

It was quite difficult to find because none of the usual webshops that I use had it in stock, so I ended buying it at Archonia, a Belgian webshop that I hardly use.

Like the figma Saber Extra, a couple of heads are included, Wada Rco styled and Takeuchi styled, but unlike the figma both faces are very similar and only noticeable when are one besides the other:
Wada Rco head.

Takeuchi head.

Side view

The skirt is not very translucent, but still very revealing:

Rear view. It seems like white, but is flesh colored and showing her butt crack.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Young Ace November '11

To tell the truth, this is the first time I buy a Young Ace issue, and was only for the extra:

Young Ace November issue included a figure of Saber made by Kaiyodo and sculpted by Enoki Tomohide.

The figure is small (about 11 cm) and I really hate Tomohide previous works on Fate figures (revoltech and bust collection) because he sculpts the faces sorta chubby and with an excesive space between the eyes (like this one). Unexpectedly, this figure face is rather pleasant.

The questionable part of the figure is Caliburn; the hilt is badly bended and unpainted.

As for the magazine itself, I didn't follow any of the series so the only interesting part was the Fate/Zero chapter by Shinjiro:

I'm also buying next month issue (i. e. the issue released this month) because it will contain a Takeuchi drawn cheap clock featuring Saber, Iri and Illya: