Sunday, November 30, 2008

Rider by ebCraft

Yesterday I received ebCraft's Rider from Fate/stay night.

Is an overall good looking figure, but with a problem: the hair.
The hair is made of a rigid plastic, different from the rest, and because of that it have pretty visible seam lines and a different color.

Like other French Doll's sculpts, the face is not perfect but is still pretty nice.

And came with a detachable mask...

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Nanael by Megahouse

Yay, today I received the latest part of the prize that I won at, courtesy of J-list.

And the item is... Nanael 1/8 figure by Megahouse.

Hard to see in most pictures, but her wings are not symmetrical.

This is part of the Excelent Model CORE series, well known for his cast-off properties.

The sculptor is Kibayashi Norio, that already did a few characters from the Excelent Model series and is specialized in cast-offable figures

Nanael is from Queen's Blade, a series of all-female characters combat books. Supposedly you can play with them a kind of simplified roleplay, but the selling point are the risque pin-ups drawn by prestigious authors.

In the case of Nanael, the author is Kuuchuu Yousai, mostly known as the illustrator of the Front Wing eroge Djibril and Megachu!. In fact, Nanael is just a more angel-looking version of Djibril.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Doujinshi purchases

An acquaintance said me that in Teramachi-dori is a second hand doujinshi shop, but I was unable to find it. Now finally I was able to get in.

It's a shop called a-Too, a "media recycle shop" with a corner for used doujinshi.
It's on the second floor of Wanpaku Kozou videogame shop (were two days ago I bought Chrono Trigger) but until now I never went upstairs, so I was unaware of it .

The doujinshi selection is not very big, but is unorganized and mostly unlabeled. I spent a couple of hours checking the doujinshi one by one. This is the result.

Kurusugawa Ayaka by circle King Revolver. Now I'm only missing 4 from this author.

Geki!! Evangeline Ikka by circle BIG・BOSS. It was a rather prolific circle focused on Akamatsu Ken's works, but he doesn't release anything since 2005.
I don't follow Negima, but I like Chachamaru's strong resemblance with Serio.

And AVALON, a Fate/stay night fanbook released to commemorate the PS2 version of the game, with several pin-ups from different circles.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Chrono Trigger

Really nothing new to write about.

Yesterday I bought Chrono Trigger for the Nintendo DS.

It's been a long time since I played the original, but I still remember it as one of the best RPG ever.

Sunday, November 16, 2008


Today I went to Animate Kyoto, and I bought the latest tankoubon of Kannagi.

Volume 5 was released at the beginning of September, and was one of the first things that I bought at my arrival. Volume 6 was released last week.

Kannagi is actually one of the few mangas that I follow in Japanese, and I basically got interested because the relation of the author, Takenashi Eri, with TYPE-MOON.

I must say she is not a member of TYPE-MOON, despite many fonts claims the opposite.
She did a couple of funny anthologies, TAKE MOON 1 and 2 based on TYPE-MOON works, she did the SD characters of Fate/hollow ataraxia map, an Akiha wallpaper in Tsukihime Plus Disc, the pics of Caster's Team in the Toraburu: Hanafuda Douchuuki game and the designs of Phantasmoon and Magical Amber for the Character Material book.
She is in really good terms with the TYPE-MOON staff so she does collaborations with them, but she's not working there.

Lately, Kannagi is getting quite attention here. Not only because the anime is airing right now, but because in the latest serialization in Comic REX, is revealed that Nagi had a boyfriend, causing rage in the otaku community claiming that Nagi is a “second-hand” girl.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Circle King Revolver

Today I will talk about one of my favorite doujinshi authors, Kikuta from circle King Revolver.
He caught my attention because is one of the few authors that is still interested in Serio, a very minor character from the original To Heart, and one of my all-time favorite characters.
Besides Serio, he's also draw among others Kurusugawa Ayaka (To Heart), Kos-Mos (Xenosaga), characters from Fate/stay night (mostly Rider) and characters from Code Geass (mostly C.C.), so we share pretty similar tastes.

His style is very rough-and-ready, and his doujinshis are mostly sketches with handwritted dialog.
The usual setting is consensual sex, and ocasionally he draws futanari, too.

He doesn't have a comprehensive list of his works, but it seems to be active since late 2003 and until today, he released at least 33 doujinshi.

When I came to Japan in 2007, I bought all his doujinshi that I was able to find in Akihabara and Nakano Broadway, and now I bought mostly all the works released since last year.
In the following picture, there are all the doujinshis that I bought since my arrival:

Except the upper left one, all were released after last year's July (when I returned to Spain). Adding the doujinshi that I have back in Spain, I have a total of 28 doujinshi from him. The missing 5 are older releases (2003-2005 period) that I'm still looking for.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Shimekiri Sanpunmae doujinshi

I didn't expected, but I just received a couple of doujinshi that I bought yesterday at D-Stage.

Both doujinshi are by Tsukimi Daifuku of the circle Shimekiri Sanpunmae.
The first one is Yoko Han, starring the heroine of Gurren Lagann, and the other is the re-release of a 2004 doujinshi, -Toou anata ga watashi no Master ka? (Fate/stay night), that it was looking for during literally years.
I was hooked
with this circle as a result of a Tohsaka Rin dakimakura drawn by Tsukimi Daifuku. Besides Rin, there is also Saber and Rider dakimakura, but Rin is the best looking one.

Since I have all three dakimakura in Spain, I can't take photos, but here is the shitajiki that came with Rin dakimakura.
Lovely, isn't it?

Figure purchases

I was asked about the figures that were back in a picture from my last entry.

Sion and Ciel Extra Summer Beach Figure Vol. 2, from Melty Blood and made by Sega as an arcade prize. Were released in this September and bought online in Hobby Link Japan.
In this series there is also Arcueid, but is the same as the one from the Vol. 1 (that I have, but in Spain). The sculptor is Azusa Rei from circle Gundoll.

and Arcueid Extra Figure, again from Melty Blood, made by Sega and bought this September in Hobby Link Japan. Sculpt by Hitsuji Chousa.

Figma Rin
(Fate/stay night) was released at the end of August by Max Factory.
I bought it in Spain via Amazon Japan just before leave, putting my Japanese address ( doesn't send figures overseas).

Magical Amber
, an original character based on Kohaku (Tsukihime) designed by Takenashi Eri (of Kannagi fame) for the Character Material book. Sculpt by Uchida Kouji from circle makeplus. Released in September by Orchid Seed.

Gothic Lolita Rei
(Evangelion) by Kotobukiya, sculpted by Nishimura Naoki (Pilot). Released on October. Is not the best figure by Pilot, but since is made to stand in pair with the older release Gothic Lolita Asuka that I have in Spain, I bought it.

And finally, another Rei, but by Alter and sculpted by Numakura Toshiaki. Released on October, too. I usualy don't buy figures with lying down poses, but the sculpt quality made it a must have.

With this, I covered all the figures that I bought since my arrival to Japan. And sorry for the quality of the photos; both the camera and the cameraman sucks.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

J-list stuff

Today received part of the order from J-list.
I won a contest at, and thanks to the kindness of Danny and the folks at J-list, I had 150 USD credit to use in their store.
Those are the items that they already had in stock, and are mostly presents that I want to send to my parents.

The last (and more expensive) item is not released until the end of this month.

Saturday, November 1, 2008


Responding to the petition of Danny from, today I'm starting my first blog. It will be focused in the stuff that I'm buying, mostly figures.
Don't expect daily updates, almost professional photos or groundbreaking news...

To begin with, here is a photo of today's lot bought in OtaRoad (Osaka):

A 2002 doujinshi, Gyunn Gyunn Color: 1, from circle Shiitake.
It's from a somewhat obscure eroge from Littlewitch, Shirotsume Souwa, but I bought it just for the colaboration of Shirotsumekusa from circle Crazy Clover Club.

Both cd's are from Kalafina; Re/oblivious and the limited version of sprinter/ARIA. I missed the chance to bought it when were released and I was searching for them since I arrived to Japan.
Kalafina sings the endings of the Kara no Kyoukai movies.