Friday, November 7, 2008

Figure purchases

I was asked about the figures that were back in a picture from my last entry.

Sion and Ciel Extra Summer Beach Figure Vol. 2, from Melty Blood and made by Sega as an arcade prize. Were released in this September and bought online in Hobby Link Japan.
In this series there is also Arcueid, but is the same as the one from the Vol. 1 (that I have, but in Spain). The sculptor is Azusa Rei from circle Gundoll.

and Arcueid Extra Figure, again from Melty Blood, made by Sega and bought this September in Hobby Link Japan. Sculpt by Hitsuji Chousa.

Figma Rin
(Fate/stay night) was released at the end of August by Max Factory.
I bought it in Spain via Amazon Japan just before leave, putting my Japanese address ( doesn't send figures overseas).

Magical Amber
, an original character based on Kohaku (Tsukihime) designed by Takenashi Eri (of Kannagi fame) for the Character Material book. Sculpt by Uchida Kouji from circle makeplus. Released in September by Orchid Seed.

Gothic Lolita Rei
(Evangelion) by Kotobukiya, sculpted by Nishimura Naoki (Pilot). Released on October. Is not the best figure by Pilot, but since is made to stand in pair with the older release Gothic Lolita Asuka that I have in Spain, I bought it.

And finally, another Rei, but by Alter and sculpted by Numakura Toshiaki. Released on October, too. I usualy don't buy figures with lying down poses, but the sculpt quality made it a must have.

With this, I covered all the figures that I bought since my arrival to Japan. And sorry for the quality of the photos; both the camera and the cameraman sucks.

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