Sunday, November 16, 2008


Today I went to Animate Kyoto, and I bought the latest tankoubon of Kannagi.

Volume 5 was released at the beginning of September, and was one of the first things that I bought at my arrival. Volume 6 was released last week.

Kannagi is actually one of the few mangas that I follow in Japanese, and I basically got interested because the relation of the author, Takenashi Eri, with TYPE-MOON.

I must say she is not a member of TYPE-MOON, despite many fonts claims the opposite.
She did a couple of funny anthologies, TAKE MOON 1 and 2 based on TYPE-MOON works, she did the SD characters of Fate/hollow ataraxia map, an Akiha wallpaper in Tsukihime Plus Disc, the pics of Caster's Team in the Toraburu: Hanafuda Douchuuki game and the designs of Phantasmoon and Magical Amber for the Character Material book.
She is in really good terms with the TYPE-MOON staff so she does collaborations with them, but she's not working there.

Lately, Kannagi is getting quite attention here. Not only because the anime is airing right now, but because in the latest serialization in Comic REX, is revealed that Nagi had a boyfriend, causing rage in the otaku community claiming that Nagi is a “second-hand” girl.

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