Sunday, November 23, 2008

Nanael by Megahouse

Yay, today I received the latest part of the prize that I won at, courtesy of J-list.

And the item is... Nanael 1/8 figure by Megahouse.

Hard to see in most pictures, but her wings are not symmetrical.

This is part of the Excelent Model CORE series, well known for his cast-off properties.

The sculptor is Kibayashi Norio, that already did a few characters from the Excelent Model series and is specialized in cast-offable figures

Nanael is from Queen's Blade, a series of all-female characters combat books. Supposedly you can play with them a kind of simplified roleplay, but the selling point are the risque pin-ups drawn by prestigious authors.

In the case of Nanael, the author is Kuuchuu Yousai, mostly known as the illustrator of the Front Wing eroge Djibril and Megachu!. In fact, Nanael is just a more angel-looking version of Djibril.

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