Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Saber Extra Arcade Prize by Sega

One of the figures that I received months ago was this Saber Extra Arcade Prize by Sega.

Like other arcade prizes by Sega , the overall quality is low but reasonable since those figures are UFO catcher prizes that can be won if you are skilled for only 500 yen.

It was quite difficult to find because none of the usual webshops that I use had it in stock, so I ended buying it at Archonia, a Belgian webshop that I hardly use.

Like the figma Saber Extra, a couple of heads are included, Wada Rco styled and Takeuchi styled, but unlike the figma both faces are very similar and only noticeable when are one besides the other:
Wada Rco head.

Takeuchi head.

Side view

The skirt is not very translucent, but still very revealing:

Rear view. It seems like white, but is flesh colored and showing her butt crack.

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