Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Newtype November '11

Lately I don't have much time to update the blog, and the pending reviews are piling up...

I received
Newtype November '11 issue at the same time I got the Young Ace, almost a month ago.

The issue main focus is Fate/Zero, but I bought it because it included a Weiss Schwarz card:

This is a PR card for the upcoming Fate/Zero Booster Pack

The contents about Fate/Zero are not really worth mentioning:

I watched the first 8 episodes in one go the last weekend. Ufotable is doing a pretty good job, so far faithfully adapting the novels.

There's also included an extra booklet called My Favorite Saber, with comments by the anime staff and voice actors about what they think about Saber as a character.

Is subdivided in a Carnival Phantasm section:

And a Fate/Zero section:

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