Saturday, July 31, 2010

Fate/Extra Type-Moon Box + Figma Saber Extra

Yesterday I received the limited edition of the PSP game Fate/Extra: the TYPE-MOON box:

The contents are a Takeuchi illustrated box, a Saber (Extra version) figma, the game, the mini art-book Fate/Extra Visual Works and a soundtrack cd. I also received the booklet Fate /the Fact (a pre-order privilege) and a telephone card (the AmiAmi exclusive).

I only played the game a bit (I'm in the second week) and is pretty hard to understand (is almost no voiced and the wording is very Nasu-esque). For now I don't like that much, but I'll do a proper review once I'm over with it.

Fate/Extra Visual Works is a 15 page booklet attached to a cd case that includes a limited soundtrack. Each illustration takes 2 pages and all of them are drawn by Wada Arco except the one pictured, that is by Takeuchi Takashi.
I don't like Wada Arco's style at all, and since for me is TYPE-MOON = Takeuchi, I feel that this game is a completely unrelated project.

Rin is a blond terrorist in real world?!

Fate /the Fact is another 15 page booklet attached to a cd with a single video of less than 3 minutes with a motionless Rin speaking. The booklet is fashioned as a news magazine explaining the "real world" of Fate/Extra.

The main extra is Saber Extra figma. The accessories included are 6 pairs of hands, a sword (that is larger than herself) and an extra face and frontal hairpiece.

Both the red part and the semi-translucent part of the skirt are made of hard plastic instead of rubber-like parts of other Saber figmas.
Also note that the epaulettes are attached to the neck instead of the shoulders.

The ultra low skirt cut. This figma doesn't have a hole in the back so the only way to attach it to the base is with an extra clip to put in the waist.

The first face and hair, Wada Arco style.

The alternate face and hair, Takeuchi style. The eyelashes are different than the normal Saber.

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Wow! what a beauty!