Sunday, July 18, 2010

Saber Alter Figma by Max Factory

The other figure that I received yesterday was Saber Alter Figma by Max Factory.

Again, a figma that is scarce in accesories: 10 hands (6 left and 4 right), dark Excalibur, 2 faces (normal and yelling) and a extra frontal part of hair that contains the visor.
Like Rider figma, the neck is double jointed (at the base and the top) and is slightly longer than usual. The armor have an easily movable joint between the torso and the breast plate, and the elbows and shoulders joints are hidden by the rubber clothing.
This is the most easily poseable figma so far.

Unlike the regular Armor Saber figma, the lower part of the armor and the skirt are molded together.

I never liked the visor. There's no point to blind yourself with a metal-like solid visor, except if you are Rider.

The yelling face seems a bit dorky. I suppose is because her face is very pale and makes way too much contrast with the opened mouth... or because the eyes doesn't seem focused.

Comparison shot with regular Saber figma.

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