Thursday, June 17, 2010

Rider Figma by Max Factory

I was lucky to secure a Rider Figma by Max Factory in AmiAmi few minutes before it was sold out.

Rider comes with the usual figma base, 5 pairs of hands, a couple of faces (normal and yelling), a removable mask and her twin daggers, each with a metal chain of about 30 cm each.
It comes with relatively few accessories, but since Rider is pretty tall in figma standards and have a massively long hair, you don't feel like purchasing an almost empty box.

figma uses a new double jointed neck (no more hunchback aspect), and have an extra articulation hidden in the knee socks. Still, you can't pose her on all fours, top-down bottom-up, like one of her trademark CG from the game.

Rider massive hair is done in two parts of hard plastic, each with a joint, and a external layer of soft PVC hair. It gives an uniformity feel.

The union point of the front piece of hair and the rest is rather ugly if you see the figure's side...

The mask is detachable.

And this is the alternate yelling face. The mask can be put on this face too.

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Archerwannabe said...

Hmmm, I should've gotten this one.
So far probably the only figma I really would've wanted. I only have that Saber lily as for now, of course getting Archer though when it comes out.