Tuesday, June 15, 2010


I received what is probably my last doujinshi batch for a long time:
Kikuta (King Revolver) works: Oute, starring Selveria from Valkyria Chronicles, Shen Gaogao, a Monster Hunter book featuring a Narga armored female, Rider-san ni Henna Bou ga Haete Zupuzupusaretari Piston Undoutekina Koto o Shite Itadaku Yume o Mita, that with that long title explains by itself (something like "I had a dream of Rider growing a strange stick and did "zupu-zupu" and a piston movement thing", in summary a futanari Rider) and Oppai Jouyaku, another Valkyria Chronicles book featuring the busty characters Selveria (Valkyria Chronicles) and Juliana (Valkyria Chronicles 2).

Senjou no Tsundere Buntaichou, featuring Edy from Valkyria Chronicles, and the very short doujinshi Hofukuzenshin to Teryuudan, featuring Franca, Magari, Alicia and Juliana from Valkyria Chronicles 2, by Yuzuki N Dash from circle Lv. X+.

I bought Hofukuzenshin to Teryuudan mainly because it contains a 2 page collaboration by Kikuta, but I also bought Senjou no Tsundere Buntaichou because I like both Valkyria Chronicles and Yuzuki N Dash drawing style.

Yuzuki N Dash is now most known by her publications in Comic Mashou, Comic Mujin and Comic Tenma among others, so you can say is a "rising star" author with at least 7 compilation volumes of her works since her commercial debut in 2004, but she also have a rather long career as a doujinshi artist using her previous pen name Yuzuki Natane.
Her style improved a lot in the past few years, and she have a liking towards incest, anal and netorare themes.

And finally Eerin Yume Mousou by Tsukiwani of Circle Nurumaya. This time starring Eirin and featuring also Reisen and the pairing futa Kaguya x Tei (all happens as a delusion of Eirin, after all).

Eirin looks pretty cute in this page.


Anonymous said...

You really should scan and upload Yuzuki N Dash doujins to E-Hentai galleries so that they can be translated. I couldn't find them anywhere on the net.

yakumo said...

Yep, i would even pay for your effored via paypal coz i cant buy that online ^^

Soth said...

I'm against scanning doujinshi because I respect the work of the authors, and in some cases I even met them in person.

The few doujinshi that I scanned were mostly omake books because are impossible to find in the second hand market, so if I scan anything it would be one of those bonus books.

yakumo said...

alright Solt no harm no faul, just trying my luck,going to try getting one from plecomi which is very pricy ..