Sunday, August 22, 2010

Fate/Extra over (more spoilers!)

Continuing with my previous post, now I finished the game with the other two Servants.

For the New Game+, you keep all the money of your previous games, as well as all the non plot related equipment and the undisclosed data of the normal enemies (the list of 6 attacks) . You can also fight against a secret boss.

This time I played as a female main character (that is very cute when running), and picking Rani route with Archer and Rin route with Caster. Rani and Rin routes are not really that different, since both characters fulfills the same role.


Master: You
Archer: Anonymous

Archer is an unnamed war hero because the people already forgot about him, but is clear that is the same Emiya from Fate/stay night, even doing references to the original Kotomine and even an indirect one about the original Saber. I suppose that in Rin route he will say something about her, but since I picked Rani route, he was literally standing there with the arms crossed while Rin was dying ;_;

Master: You
Caster: Tamamo-no-Mae

Caster is a cheerful and extremely loyal Servant that wants to become the faithful wife of the main character (even if is female).
She's directly related with Amaterasu, but her divinity was heavily downgraded in the Moon Cell (loosing eight out of her nine tails in the process) and according to herself, she's not really a fox but a jackal.
Out of the 3 Servants you can choose, she have the most funny dialogs due to her Magical Amber-esque quirks, but her low stamina and the heavy dependence of her skills made her the most difficult character to play with.

Caster scene when talking about her past. Is really hard to take a picture of it...

The main difference between Rani and Rin routes is that you fight against a different Master-Servant pair in the 4th and 6th battle.
This is because you'll end fighting all 7 classes of Servants, so if you save Rani you'll fight another Berserker and if you pick Rin you'll fight another Lancer.

In Rani route you fight against:

4th battle
Master: Gatou Monji
Berserker: Arcueid

Gatou is a guy that mixed several religions, and worships his Servant as a God. His objective is to save the humanity via his self-made religion.
Arcueid as Berserker is somewhat weird. Is never explained how became a Servant, her status are downgraded due the ineptitude of her Master, and after the battle she comes to her senses, tears the virtual world with her claws and simply jumps out of scene. Most likely, is the true Arcueid and not data from the Moon Cell.

6th battle
Master: Tohsaka Rin
Lancer: Cú Chulainn

This Rin is not the same Rin from Fate/stay night, but is part of the same lineage of Magus. She's an activist that fights against the Harvey family, so her reason to participate in the Holy Grail War is to stop Leo. As I said in previous posts, her real world self is blond.
Lancer identity is Cú Chulainn. He doesn't have many lines of dialog, but is safe to assume that the data of this Lancer is based in the same Lancer from Fate/stay night, despite that Tron outfit.

In a New Game+, if you do all the Taiga's requests, a tiger vacuum flask appears in the place of Taiga, and allows you to fight the secret boss in the last arena: Ryougi Shiki.

"Yeah. I don't have any business with that woman. If you act obediently, I won't draw my hand."

She seems to be lost in the Se.Ra.Ph system, wandering around and killing Servants. Her real name is not mentioned (except in the credits titles), and the Servant class is Monster.
After the battle (by far the most difficult of the game), you get an useful item that carries to a New Game+ that nullifies an enemy attack.


zwei-chan said...

Sorry for re-posting here again. Didn't see the new post you made. What's Tamamo version of her story? Why's she crying?

Soth said...

Is kinda hard to explain because I'm not confident with my ability to fully understand it, but here I go.

Tamamo in Extra is somewhat an expression-reincarnation of Amaterasu; after seeing the humankind praying to her she wanted to serve the people and became Tamamo.

Her story is pretty much the same as the legend, but she didn't wanted to take the throne and the illness that affected the former Emperor was not her doing, but because of it was discovered to be "non-human" and chased away.
She hid in the Nasuno Plain and defeated with magic the 80,000 men army that was sent to kill her, but eventually was killed in a second raid.

She was never a nine-tailed fox monster (it was an exaggeration after her death, she isn't even a fox) and her real intention was truly to serve the people, but at the end she became a killer God.
It was enough to make her in a special Servant class like Avenger, but her wish to be a "faithful, human wife" made her to loose almost all of her previous powers.

As a side note, she was the Servant of Twice because she was a God Servant, until was replaced by the superior and not handicapped God Servant Saver.