Sunday, September 12, 2010

Valkyria Chronicles 2

A few days ago, I purchased Valkyria Chronicles 2 for PSP. It was supposed to be released in September 3rd in all Europe, but for some reason it was delayed until the 10th here in Spain...

Right now I'm in episode 7 (July), and I'm really enjoying it.

The characters are not as much likable as the ones of the first game, mostly because are too young and light hearted, and the new anime-ish designs by Mori Mitsue doesn't work as good with RAITA's original character designs (except for some characters, like Aliasse and Juliana, that are very RAITA-ish):

In-game design of Aliasse and RAITA's Aliasse are pretty much the same.

Juliana. I hope she is playable later in game...

Visually is obviously not as attractive as the PS3 game, and the maps are subdivided in small sections that doesn't give the feel of a "real" battlefield, but the new soldier classes and the character micromanagement was vastly improved.

In a related note, when I was waiting for the release day of Valkyria Chronicles 2, I did a Gallian Light Tank B paper craft that is available in the Japanese web page:

The design was made by Chokipeta Kobo, that seems to be a pretty big name in paper-craft circles.

The turret is movable.

I forgot to put something to compare the scale... is about 16 cm long, 8 cm wide and 8 cm height (without antenna)

And in a semi-related note, a recently open teaser site shows a hint to the next Valkyria Chronicles game. It seems that the action will take place in the year 1935, the same year of the original one, and in a recent entry in the Valkyria official blog two new characters were revealed:

The blond is the elder sister of Homer (from VC1). She have a dominatrix personality, and the fat guy addresses to her as "Queen".


Archerwannabe said...

Happy birthday!

And that's some awesome tank you have there. How long did it take to put up?

Soth said...

Thank you! Now that I'm 30 I feel old...

I took me about 3 days to complete it, but most of the time was spent in cutting each piece (about 200 pieces in total).

Arcius said...

awesome tank!

What kind of paper did you use to print it out?

Soth said...

Since it was my first attempt, I used normal paper. It ended pretty fine, but the colors are a bit washed out.

Anonymous said...

WoW! Your tank ended up very well for a first time :D Maybe i'll try it too. Can you tell me what the colors means in the sheme? I guess its where you have to use glue, or something but im not sure :D

Soth said...

The purple parts needs to be cut out. The glue must go in the brown parts.