Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Valkyria Chronicles Development Artworks

The other book that I purchased at beNippon was Valkyria Chronicles Development Artworks, a massive 400 page artbook released last January.

The gorgeous cover illustration, featuring most of the Squad 7 members, covers all the dust jacket. The full picture can be found here.

The amount of data included is incredible. Every minimum detail is heavily explained with tons of visual data in an almost obsessive fashion... last time I saw such love in a videogame artbook was in Xenogears Perfect Works.

The book is divided in several sections: story, characters, weapons, military affairs & natural history, geography, illustrations, pre-production material and interviews.

Story explains the game plot chapter by chapter. Includes a map for each mission and the two plot related DLC are also briefly included.

In the characters section, every main character include a few pages of character bios with pictures and settings.

After the character data, there's a section of design works, with rough sketches and the great artwork of RAITA.

Some characters includes pictures from earlier pre-production stages, like Alicia...

...or Selveria, that was originally short haired.

At a point in the inital pre-production stages, Alicia was a loli.

Sadly, the non-plot related characters are included only with a brief sentence for each.

The weapons section includes an entry for each type of tank and machines. Some details are really amazing, like how to read the tank license plates info, that in the case of the Edelweiss is somewhat different because it was custom made.

Military affairs section consist mostly in entries for the weapons and uniforms. In the picture, early Imperial soldiers designs, heavily influenced in Nausicaä, carrying some weapons that were later re-used for Valkyria Chronicles 2.

Geography includes settings for the locations.

The comparatively short illustration section includes all the artwork used in advertisements and magazines.

And the last part of the book explains the initial pre-production stage of the game, when was called Gallian Panzers.

Character designs from the time: Welkin, Alicia (called Alma at that point) and a kind looking Captain Varrot.

Initially, the discriminated race was the "beast people" instead of the Darcsen. In the right part of the picture, a shockingly young Rosie and Faldio.

Overall, this artbook is really a must have for any Valkyria Chornicles fan.

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