Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Valkyria Chronicles DLC

Since the downloadable content for Valkyria Chronicles have a 33% discount until the end of this month, I purchased all of them at the same time, and now I finished all with A rank.

Expert Skirmishes: A fourth difficulty setting is available for the 9 missions of the skirmishes tab, without the tanks available and the enemy troops doing a lot more damage. It took me a while to A rank all of them.

Behind Her Blue Flame: A couple of missions using the Imperial forces (one of them with two different variations). The main characters are Selvaria and the faceless engineer Johann (clearly referred as Karl in the Japanese voices), the rest are voiceless and faceless Imperial soldiers.
The missions are a bit hard due to the bad health and aim the Imperial soldiers have, but the main unit is obviously Selvaria. Her personality is greatly expanded in the cut scenes, and as a bonus extra mission you can use her in her valkyria form.

Selveria blushing is moe!

Enter: The Edy Detachment is a single mission using some of the most colorful "generic characters" from the main game: the fan-favorite tsundere Edy, the homosexual Jann, the masochistic Homer, the pacifist Susie, the stoic Marina and the somewhat gray Lynn. Again, the cut scenes fleshes a lot more those not protagonist characters.

And Challenges of the Edy Detachment are six skirmish missions focused in each class.
The briefing of each battle and the mission results are explained by the characters from Edy Detachment (except Lynn, that seems to be forgotten).

Marina blushing is also moe!

Now, after about 70 hours of play time (finishing the main game 3 times), I'm totally over with the game, so now the next step is to wait until summer for Valkyria Chronicles 2.

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