Tuesday, April 27, 2010

1/8 Saber Lily by Alter

One of the most delayed figures in recent times (I ordered it when I was still living in Japan), I received 1/8 Saber Lily by Alter a few days ago.

Sculpted by Yagyu Toshiyuki, before it's release date it was already expected to be inferior to the gorgeous Good Smile version, but at the end it's one of the few cases that the finished product is actually better than the prototype versions.

The colors are more brighter than the GSC version (that used pure silver for the armor), and resembles more the original concept art of Saber Lily. In a way, the pose gives her a gracefully aura of sorts.

The amount of folds on the frilly skirt gives an extra elegant feel to it. Is also subtlety shaded.

Back side.

I can't decide if I prefer GSC's Saber Lily dynamism or Alter's Saber Lily gracefulness... so it's nice to own both!

1 comment:

Archerwannabe said...

I certainly prefer the GSC one.
Still, I couldn't afford either D:

Then again, I already have may too many Saber figures anyways.