Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Figma Ayanami Rei Plugsuit Ver. by Max Factory

Received two months ago but unopened until today, figma Ayanami Rei Plugsuit Ver. by Max Factory.

Unlike the terrible disappointment that was figma Asuka, Rei doesn't have any fault in the sculpt, albeit as a figma is rather plain.

The accessories consist in three faces (neutral, angry and smiling), 11 hands (one of them holding Shinji's S-DAT player) and an Eva cockpit like the ones included with figma Asuka and figma Mari

Neutral face.
Unlike Mari and specially Asuka, the breast part have no problem this time.

Smiling face holding the S-DAT. Not really visible in the photo, but I received my copy with a profound scratch across her right eye.

Angry face.

And the cockpit.

And finally a rear shot. Her buttocks is not as nice as Asuka's or Mari's.

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