Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Figma Shikinami Asuka Langley Test Plugsuit Ver. by Max Factory

Received today, Figma Shikinami Asuka Langley Test Plugsuit Ver. by Max Factory.

Since I'm quite angry with it, I'll begin the review with the most glaring fault:

What the heck is that!? I complained about how Figma Mari breast piece was sort of disjointed from the rest of the body, but this is too much! Is not a solid piece, but a hollow chunk of rubber hanging there with a vaguely form resembling a breast!

This is the first time I feel cheated buying a figma, since the promotional shots are completely different from the final product.

Okay, after the rant let's proceed with the rest of the review.

Asuka comes with three faces (smiling, embarrassed and yelling), 11 hands (one of them holding a cell phone), the creepy doll (pictured above) and two different sets of hairs, one with movable twintails and the other fixed.

Holding the cell phone. The smiling face is a bit too neutral for a hot blooded character like Asuka.

Angry face and another shot of how bad the breasts looks in almost every angle.

Back shot and the fitting ashamed face.

And like Mari, she also comes with a full cockpit.

I'm not too fond of Asuka's overkill fanservice plugsuit, but with those ugly breasts this figma became my second least favorite one (the worst is Drossel Gizmo ver.), even when Asuka is my favorite Evangelion character.
I hope Max Factory will release a "normal plugsuit version" with a better sculpt.

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Anonymous said...

Whoah, those breasts look crazy!