Monday, February 14, 2011

Weiss Schwarz collection update

As I wrote yesterday, I also received several Weiß Schwarz cards, a Melty Blood Booster Box, 3 Weiss Schwarz Fate/hollow ataraxia Extra Booster Boxes and several single ones.

With those my collection is right now as follow:

THE iDOLM@STER: I have all the 100 from the booster. Still missing 8 PR cards and pretty much all the SP cards.

The PR and SP that I have.

THE iDOLM@STER Dearly Stars: Completed

Fate stay/night
: I have all the 100 from the booster. Missing the 3 PR chibi character cards and almost all the SR and RRR cards.

Fate hollow/ataraxia
: All the 45 normal ones. 40 out of 45 of the parallel ones. Only one PR card, missing 4.

Melty Blood: Missing 10 for a full set. No SP cards and no PR cards

The rare card from the Booster Box was the triple rare card of Sion drawn by KEI, that I willing to sell or trade (ALREADY SOLD)

CANAAN: Completed.

Kara no Kyoukai: All the 7 PR cards acquired. Completed.

Shiki card is pretty cool. No wonder is the most expensive from the set.

And I don't have much luck with it, but for WS cards sales and trades, please visit this post.


Anonymous said...

Do you actually play the game, or just collect the cards?

Soth said...

I only collect cards. I have nobody to play against.

Callum said...

Where where the KnK promo cards released? how did you get them?

Soth said...

The Kara no Kyoukai promo cards came from KnK Trading Card Collection Vol. 2 ( Each pack contained a Weiss Schwarz PR card.

I bought it via Yahoo! Auctions in November for 5,000 yen the full set.

yungcan91 said...

do you sell the KnK promos??
i also want to collect them..

and hey, i googled around and find a .xls file consisting of type-moon goods by evospace, Soth..
is that you??

are you selling all of the stuff in the list or just listing all type-moon goods just for information?

please reply, thanks! ^^

and where do you live? how come you don't have anyone to play WS again? can always play via webcam =)

yungcan91 said...

huh weird? my comment is not coming out? ugh.. need to retype..

hi, do you sell the KnK PRs? i would like to collect them as well.

and i happened to found a type-moon goods list in a .xls file on the google managed by evospace, Soth..
is this you?

do you sell all of the items in the list? or you just making an index of all type-moon goods for information only?

and whr do you live? how come you don't have anyone to play WS against? can always play online you know, via webcam.

Soth said...

Older posts doesn't have automatic comments, that is why the comments don't appear until I check them.

I don't sell the KnK cards, it was too difficult to secure that set for my collection.

That Type-Moon Goods List was an attempt by Evo and me to list all the merchandise available, until we realized the list was getting way too big and unmanageable, so the project was dropped. I have most of the items from that list, but are not on sale.

I live in Spain. I don't know anyone here who plays it, and when I started to collect WS cards I never really expected to play it. I know the rules, but I never played with anyone and don't even have a deck built.

Yan Sheng said...

hey do you mind if i buy or trade some cards with you because i need a defender saber from your fate/hollow booster pack

Soth said...

@Yan Sheng. Sure! The cards that I want to trade for are in the post

If you don't have any of the ones that I have, I cant accept PayPal, too.

Anonymous said...

Hey do you want to sell me your RRR Sion? If you do send me an email at, thanks!

Soth said...

E-mail sent!

Anonymous said...

hello, can you give me the link where i can find the website for Kara no Kyoukai WS PR cards ? thank you :D