Saturday, February 5, 2011

Kara no Kyoukai Blu-ray Disc Box

Today I received Kara no Kyoukai Blu-ray Disc Box:

The box is pretty big (aprox. 30cm x 30cm x 5cm) and is pretty similar to the novel's limited edition.

Inside there are the blu-ray discs and an artbook called Visual Chronicle. Both have a velvet-like texture that is easily marked with fingerprints.

The seven chapters are each in a blu-ray disc, as well as the 8th Special Disc.

The Visual Chronicle contains all the illustrations from each movie dvd covers, theatrical posters (each piece with the personal comment by Takeuchi or Sudou Tomonori, the main illustrators) as well as an interview with Nasu, Takeuchi and Sakamoto Maaya.

Announcement posters for the theater screening.

The cover and the special postcard from the limited edition version of each movie.

A rather long interview between Nasu, Takeuchi and Sakamoto (Shiki voice actress).

Each movie theatrical poster.

And the covers for the regular dvd editions.

Each chapter is contained in a blu-ray disc, without any extra besides the manners commercial. It have subtitle options in Japanese and in English.

I'm not an expert in blu-ray quality image, upscales and stuff, but the movies have a pretty visible smudged effect in the border lines, something like a translucent black glow.

Shiki in the 3rd movie.

Azaka in the 6th movie.

Is not really visible in the pics because those are photos taken in front of the TV, but compared to the dvd releases, the image have a sharper look and crisp colors, but in the outlines of the characters seems like a saturation of the Photoshop sharpen filter. I don't know if this is an usual technique for anime not drawn originally in HQ, because that effect doesn't appear in the final chapter, clearly done with the blu-ray edition in mind.

The final chapter, called Kara no Kyoukai, is featured in the special disc. This was the last chapter in the novel and is a 30 minutes talk between Shiki and Mikiya in a snowy road. Well, is mostly a monologue by Shiki, explaining issues like the human personality and origin.

Despite being only Shiki and Mikiya talking for 30 minutes in the very same scenario, the quality is astonishing and really shines in BD.

In the same disc there's also included Kara no Kyoukai Remix -Gate of seventh heaven-, a recap movie of the first 6 chapters that includes a single newly done scene. Each chapter uses the respective theme song as the background music, so is like an hour long video-clip.

This is the only new scene in Remix.

And the last extra is a special TV program that was aired to promote the seventh movie. Is mostly a recap of all the previous movies, but with short interviews to ufotable's crew.

I didn't re-watched all the movies yet, but it seems that are not retouched or edited, except for the glaring mistake in the 7th movie:

Unlike the scene in the dvd version, this time Shiki's thumb IS missing.

To complete the set of dvd versions that I already own, I also purchased the dvd version of the last chapter.
It doesn't have any of the extras of the BD version, and after seeing it in high definition is hard to return to dvd quality...

Comparison shot:
DVD version.

BD version (picture taken at the TV screen, so in fact it have a way better quality than that)


pondrthis said...

Nice. Mine is still shipping, but it should be here in the next few days. I can't see why the BD of the first few movies would be subpar (or just an upscale) though... they were theatrically released movies, which means they had a much higher-definition version at some point. I'll take a look when my copy gets here.

Anonymous said...

I think remember reading the original master resolution was a higher than 720p, but not quite 1080p. Regardless, the Blu-rays look quite well and worth every bit the $400. For those still interested, there is one set left at the Right Stuf store.

Soth said...

I didn't watched the movies in the theatrical airing, but as Anonymous says most likely it wasn't a 1080p, so hence the bit of modification to fit in the Blu-ray release.

I not regret of purchasing it. Even if it have minor issues, is far better than the dvd release.

Anonymous said...

dvds r way better the bluray why pay extra for a blu ray just cause it has more features to it all u get with a blu ray is 3D look making it have a better picture on ur tv dont be fooled by this dvds an the blu ray r the same ur just paying more for the blu ray i looked it up i know its a waist of money dont buy blu rays just for a better picture its not worth it i stick with dvds cause there less money then a blu ray disk an the picture is the same as the blu ray