Friday, December 11, 2009

Kara no Kyoukai Satsujin Kousatsu (Go)

Just received the 7th and last movie of Kara No Kyoukai, Satsujin Kousatsu (Go).

After the somewhat toned down adaptation of Boukyaku Rokuon, is nice to see the end of the movies faithful to the original novel.

The beastly movements of Lio are remarkable.

Shirazumi Lio looking kinda Arcueid.

And I liked how displayed the relation between Mikiya and Shiki.

No, is not a kiss scene.

The last manners commercial:

Argh... from those I'm only missing the limited edition Nendoroid Saber...

There's only one problem that I found in the whole movie: a serious mistake in one scene (easily missable if you not pay attention):

There's something in this scene that not must be there...

Overall the movies were very enjoyable, and the only TYPE-MOON anime that is faithful to the original material.

-Now, what do you wish?


Anonymous said...

gogetaiii : ther are many mistake in this scene the thumb is not cut

and in other scene when rygoi figth against lio, you can see the knife with the colors of the lio and not the colors of ryogi

ah this movie is very good im waiting for the vostfr and the key of animation is sell now!!!

Archerwannabe said...

I hope my copy arrives soon :P
Or at least before I leave for my parents´ for my vacation...

It makes me sad that even though Knk ended, the FSN movie will be by Deen. Concidering how good a job Ufotable did with the movies.

Quite a few Sabers there watching the movie. Myself missing the same as you and all the nendoroids except Rin and Irisviel ...I think.

That last pic would be so awesome as a poster. Any other new Takeuchi´s drawings on it?

Soth said...

@gogetaiii: After you said that, I checked the movie again and is true; in the second knife battle between Shiki and Lio, at one point Shiki grabs Lio's knife but at one of the scenes is carrying her own knife... seems that the quality check for this movie was not very tight.
I'm also waiting for the key animations book but this time I think is not sold at the Comiket.

@Archerwannabe: After all this time always waiting for "the next Kara no Kyoukai movie" now is kinda weird...

I'm also not expecting much from Deen, and I still have the hope that ufotable will do an awesome epilogue and Mirai Fukuin.

And there's only that Takeuchi pic. The only other is by the guest artist, this time by Rurouni Kenshin author Watsuki Nobuhiro.

Archerwannabe said...

Got my copy today. I have yet to watch it, but a nice way to start my vacation (not to mention a math test that couldn´t have went any better)

This might be some unpleasant news for you, but mine came with a rather big poster with the cover art on it (the version with the blood). As it´s not included in your pics I take it you didn´t get one? I ordered mine from cdjapan.

Soth said...

No, Amazon didn't included anything...

Archerwannabe said...

Too bad D:

Well, finally watched this one too. Great one (as usual), though my top 3 is still the third, sixth and the first one in that order. This one would be on par with the fifth one.

I haven´t read the novels, so I can´t compare, but the ending was very well done. Just so sad that this is (/ might be) the end D:

And merry christmas!