Thursday, December 24, 2009

Fireball dvd + Drossel Gizmo ver. figma

Yesterday I received the Winter Package Limited Edition Fireball Dvd.

Actually, I first ordered it in the batch released in August, but since I made the pre-order when was still in Japan and for some odd reason was unable to change the shipping address to Spain, at the end the order was cancelled and I did the preorder of this version, that included another Drossel figma as an extra.

The contents: the outside box, the plain looking Figma box, the dvd and two leaflets.

My main reason of the purchase was the dvd and not the figure, that I find not so pretty and kinda out of character...

The sightseeing unit "Gizmo" is the continuous track propelled skiing equipment. Except the caterpillar part, the rest can't be removed.

Back side. The randoseru styled backpack is called "Zeeottaa" (ゼーオッター) that it's supposed to be German, but I'm unable to see the intended romanized spelling...

The head part is called head unit "Caspar", and both that and the googles can't be removed. The face cover is attached to the backpack.

All the accesories together. The yellow thing is a set of stickers intended to put in the red leg, but I'm not using it. Along the ski sticks, a pair of short ones are included. Both sets of sticks are called optic units "Iwerks".

Comparison of the size with the regular Figma Drossel.

The dvd itself is (as expected) very, very short. The 13 episodes are in total 23 minutes long, and the extras included are the 3 minutes long Making of Fireball, the '08 Tokyo Anime Fair trailer, a 20 seconds Tv comercial and a Disney Channel eyecatch featuring a magical girl styled Drossel.

Drossel making a magical girl transformation choreography. I made a gif from the scene first part here.

Unexpectedly, the Making of Fireball is made by the characters, so is not really a making of per se but an extra tongue in check episode.

Drossel explaining the hardships during the filming.

Screen test

Ah... and Merry Xmas to my readers!

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