Thursday, December 10, 2009

Weiß Schwarz Fate/hollow ataraxia

At Amiami I purchased a box of Weiß Schwarz cards, a Fate/hollow ataraxia extra booster pack:

In the extra packs, a box contains 6 packs, and each pack contains 6 cards, two of them "parallel" (holographic).
Until now, normally the parallel cards had the same pictures of the regular ones, but this time almost all of them have different picture and/or text in the parallel version, so now you must get the 45 normal ones AND the 45 parallel ones to get a complete set.

I also purchased a Fate/stay night Trial Deck, since it was discontinued and just now was reprinted.

Out of the 50 card deck, there are 18 different types of cards and 2 specials not re-released in the booster pack.

Now I must buy a binder or something to display them...

Outside Japan (and perhaps Singapore) Weiß Schwarz is not very popular yet, so is pretty hard to buy individual cards online. I managed to complete the CANAAN Extra Pack set of cards via eBay, but there's only two sellers that sells individual cards, and mostly from Nanoha and Lucky Star...

If someone knows a shop that sells cards individually and send them internationally, or someone knows a buying-trading WS forum, please drop me a comment!


Kelsey Gerlitz said...

Hi! How much total was the Canaan extra pack? I'm a fan and collector but I don't read kanji. let me know.

Soth said...

Canaan Extra pack was 500 yen each pack (6 random cards).
I bought a box (6 packs) at C76 for 3,000 yen, and purchased the last 3 rare cards that was missing at eBay.
I did the entry at

Kelsey Gerlitz said...

Can you provide me the ebay link? is it, .ca? c76? What is that exactly?

Soth said...

C76 is the Comic Market 76, that was held at Tokyo on August. The makers of the cards had an stand there.
In eBay you can find a full common set here: