Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Origin of Type-Moon Comptiq booklet

Origin of TYPE-MOON was an extra booklet from Comptiq October '10 issue.

The main information is about Mahoutsukai No Yoru, with pictures that already appeared everywhere.

Kuonji Alice

Church themed sub-characters.

But the reason of my purchase is because this booklet is the only place were Takeuchi's rough sketches for Fate/EXTRA appears (at least for now):







wwhite said...

Hi there,

after checking your blog thoroughly, I couldn't find images of Saber (Gawain) and Berserker (Lu Bu) drawn by Takeuchi. Does that mean they did not appear anywhere at all?

Soth said...

They doen't appear in this booklet, but they are included in a page in Fate/EXTRA Visual Fanbook. I updated the entry with a picture of them:

wwhite said...

Thank you! I'm surprised they have no double-page character sheets like the other servants do (with small details an all), because I've always thought they're two of the more notable/more badass/stronger characters. Anyway, it's nice to see Takeuchi designs, looking forward for more, thanks again. Thumbs up for the blog. :)