Friday, February 4, 2011

Newtype February '11

In a whim, I ordered Newtype February '11 issue at Hobby Search.

I usually don't buy Newtype. I hardly watch anime nowadays, so if I buy a magazine is usually Comptiq or Comp Ace.
The main reason was because it included a T-shirt featuring Irisviel and suit Saber drawn by Takeuchi:

There is no new information about TYPE-MOON projects because it was already revealed in the TYPE-MOON Ace 6 (that I didn't received yet because the package is still held for customs clearance).

The anime of Fate/Zero (yay!) will be airing this year. The animation studio this time will be ufotable (double yay!)

The character designs are pretty close to Takeuchi's originals. I always thought that the designs for the anime version of Fate/stay night were a bit off, without being a Shingetsutan Tsukihime level...

Girls' Work will be an anime, too, with Takenashi Eri as the character designer. I'm not sure if the visual novel will be also released along the anime or the VN was canceled and re-launched as an anime...

The epilogue chapter of Kara No Kyoukai and the limited BD box set was already released. I expect to receive my copy today or tomorrow morning.

The ova Carnival Phantasm will be released this summer, and if we judge with the picture will be loosely based in Takenashi Eri's anthology manga Take Moon. Is true that Phantasmoon originally appeared on Take Moon, but Magical Amber not (that version was drawn by Takenashi for the Character Material) and Magical Caren an Kaleido Ruby are not even designed by her...

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