Monday, January 31, 2011

Figma Makinami Mari Illustrious New Plugsuit Ver. by Max Factory

Received a while back, today I opened Figma Makinami Mari Illustrious New Plugsuit Ver. by Max Factory.

Mari appears in the Evangelion movie with too different plugsuits; a green one at the beginning and a pink one at the end. Max Factory opted to start the Evangelion figma line with the newer character with her newer (and more stylish) plugsuit.

Mari's accessories consist in three faces (smiling, grinning and a "beast mode" face), 11 hands, two different sets of twintails (one normal and the other with the tails in front of her shoulders), a set of small parts to change to green the red parts of the plugsuit, and the most impressive part is a complete interior of the Eva cockpit.

The control levers are movable, and the legs zone can move horizontally as well. There are two figma bases included, one to use with the cockpit and one for the figure.

Most of the figma is made of rubber like plastic to be more similar to the synthetic-like textures of the plugsuit. The neck is, like Rider figma, double jointed and hidden in part by the neck part of the plugsuit.

The worst part of the figure is the torso area. The breast are separated from the rest of the body in order to move, but leaving a massive and clearly visible gap making an ugly "flying breast" effect.

Smiling face.

Grinning face.

The glasses are attached to the hair part, but can be easily removed.

The Beast mode. Green eyed yelling face, the dot of the plugsuit can be turned green via a very small piece, and the wrist parts can be changed with alternate parts with green dots instead of red. The hair part is the alternate one, too.

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