Sunday, October 10, 2010

Type-Moon Ace 5

Released in June, Type-Moon Ace Vol. 5 was focused in Mahoutsukai No Yoru, that was supposed to be released in September and now is slated with the vague "Winter 2010".

The two extras included are a Fate/EXTRA reversible poster and a Mahoutsukai No Yoru small tapestry:

Poster front side : Saber by Takeuchi Takashi

Rear side: Caster by Wada Arco

The small tapestry (55 cm x 40 cm) with Aoko and Alice.

As said, the main section is about Mahoutsukai No Yoru, with several pages of in-game art and a long interview with Nasu Kinoko and Hirokazu Koyama.

Aoko entry.

Info about minor characters.

The interview with Nasu and Koyama features screenshots from the game.

There's also an interview with Nasu (again) and Wada Arco about Fate/EXTRA.

It features a 5 pages manga by Wada Arco.

The gallery section is about TYPE-MOON characters genderswapped:

Mahoutsukai No Hako characters gender-swapped by Takeuchi.

Gender-swap Taiga drawn by Medori

There's also an extensive photo session with a Dollfie Saber.

An interview with Ueda Kana (voice actress of Rin):

And finally the usual manga section: All Around TYPE-MOON by Bsuke, Arcuetyp by ACPI and the omake chapters from Fate/stay night, Fate/kaleid liner, MELTY BLOOD and CANAAN:

Akiha, Azaka and Rin vs. Shinji

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