Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Fate Unlimited Blade Works Blu-ray

I didn't had the time to see the Fate/stay night Unlimited Blade Works movie yet, but I'll review the limited Blu-ray contents:

The limited edition contains (in order from the photo):

- A box drawn by Takeuchi Takashi.
- A folder containing a bromide and two film cuts.
- A color 20 pages mini-artbook.
- The blu-ray.
- A 160 pages mini genga artbook.
-Two alternate jackets drawn by Ishihara Megumi (the Rin one) and Yamanaka Kotetsu (the Saber one).

The folder containing a bromide of Saber & Rin and the two film cuts. The film cuts are two non-consecutive film frames. I got two pretty cool ones:

Rin in the rooftop...

...and a close up of Archer.

The color mini artbook is a collection of pictures that appeared in several media (mostly magazines) to promote the movie.

Pictures that appeared at Animedia, Hobby Japan and Megami Magazine.

I find Archer pose in the bottom left picture kinda disturbing...

The genga artbook contains key animation drawings for the movie.

Despite the small format (is the same size of a blu-ray case), is considerably thick being 160 pages long.

Finally I watched the movie.

As extras it includes several variations of the trailers, and as expected no subtitles.
Maybe is because the first blu-ray that I watched was the gorgeous Evangelion 2.22, but I found the quality of the image average most of the time...

Except for some key scenes, the animation is only one step above a regular anime quality, and the the pace is so fast and leaves so much information behind that makes me think that this movie is incompressible as a stand alone without the background info from the VN.

The fighting scenes are fast paced and visually appealing, but if you watch closely most of the animation is sub-par... if you compare the picture above of Rin fighting (that is not by any means the worst quality) with the scene of Saber above, they seem like completely different movies.


Climbatize said...

You are a lucky person :)

I wanted to buy it, but I had no job, don't understand Japanese fluently ans don't even have Blue Ray reader ^^

I hope finding a good fansub, if only japanese DVD had english subtitles :)

Soth said...

I don't think "lucky" is the best word to say... while I was in Japan I lost my job and just recently got a new (shitty) one, I'm still paying debts and I can't buy stuff at the same rate I was used to. And the PS3 that I use for watching blu-ray is actually property of my brother.

Archerwannabe said...

Finally saw the movie, much better than what I was expecting. Not too much to complain about.

Now I really want this too.
But 8800 yen for what would essentially be a takeuchi illustrated box and the film frames (as I don't have a blu-ray player nor do I have plans on ever getting one, damn dvd for not having at least the Takeuchi drawn box D: ) is kinda a lot. Not to mention I can't afford one ...without drawing more loan that is :p
Need to get a job myself soon.

If I do, what are the chances of me getting a film frame you'd trade the Archer one for me?

Kypper said...

No 3D CGI Dragon ? \O/

Soth said...

@Archerwannabe: I feel you pain... and I don't really mind Archer, so I'm willing to trade it for a decent frame featuring any of the girls.

@Kypper: No, but this time we got a 3D CGI dolphin!

Archerwannabe said...

I think I'll try my luck after all :p

@Kypper: Wrong route -> wrong animal (as far as a dragon can be considered an animal).

darktruth said...

You might've seen my post on the beast's lair forum where I got two copies of the limited edition blu-ray lol. Also, I felt like the audio on the blu-ray wasn't really taken advantage of. Even though the specs states it's in Japanese Dolby 5.1 Surround TrueHD, it sounded like everything was crammed into a 2 channel stereo filter even when I set my HDTV to decode Dolby TrueHD sounds.

I dunno, maybe I need a real surround sound speaker system to get the full experience but other blu-rays I've played that have Dolby TrueHD audios sounded pretty distinct and very noticeable on my HDTV compared to the one on Fate/Stay Night's UBW blu-ray.

The two film cuts I got in my package are Rin & Saber. The Rin one is particularly beautiful as it's a cut of a frame where she's leaning against Shirou's back. Links to the two frames are below. I don't know whether I should open the 2nd copy of the le blu-ray to see what frames are enclosed though as I may sell it off someday.



Soth said...


Pretty nice cuts! Both are great close-ups from key scenes.

I didn't mentioned the audio quality because the sound specs of my HDTV are pretty average and I don't have any more blu-ray disc to compare besides the Evangelion one, but is true that it doesn't sounds very remarkably.