Sunday, October 24, 2010

Doujinshi loot

At last, I got all the shipments of doujinshi that I was buying in the last couple of months.

Those are mostly Comic Market 78 releases, among a few C77 things that I didn't have enough money to buy in January and some C76 Valkyria Chronicles doujinshi.

In detail:

As usual, the works by Kikuta Kouji from circle King Revolver: Mikka Ato ni Inami-chan (featuring Mahiru, Izumi and Maya from Working!!) and Taisa no ga Notteimasu (featuring bikini Selvaria from Valkyria Chronicles).
I said previously that I systematically buy all his releases, even when features series, like Working!!, that I didn't watched.

Dai Nana Chijo Buntai, a Valkyria Chronicles book by Ogata Mamimi from circle Suginami Sakura.
I found Ogata Mamimi's works at Pixiv, bookmarked as favorite by Kikuta.
He doesn't have much work released despite being active as a doujinshi author since at least 1996. Most of his works were released at the circle AirΦpraitre, and his main themes are huge breast and bukkake.

The Touhou doujinshi Hakuro Douchuu and Parsee Shitto Mousou by Tsukiwani of Circle Nurumaya.
Hakuro Douchuu is like the "epilogue" of his delusional ladies series; Eirin, Yukari and Yuyuko enters in a dream of Kanako. Parsee Neta Mousou features Parsee, Yuugi and Satori.

Yuzuki N Dash (circle Lv. X+) works: Boku no Subete wo Taisa ni Sasagu (starring Selvaria), the C78 bonus Omake no Alicia-san Hon, featuring Valkyria Chronicles 2 version of Alicia, a stick poster of Anisette (Licorice in Japan), a bag featuring the valkyria loli Aliasse and the commercial work Another World.
I hardly ever buy original works (I prefer parodies of works that I already know), but Yuzuki N' latest works are growing on me...

Inue Shinsuke (circle Jingai Makyou) V Senjou Heaven's Door, a Valkyria Chronicles book sold at C76, and the omake book Watashi wa Watashi, a Valkyria Chronicles 2 book featuring Alexis, sold at C78.
I discovered Inue Shinsuke works because of some artwork he made for Fate/Zero. His doujinshi works are rather scarce, and his most recurrent theme is gangbang.
Now is focused in his commercial works: the manga versions of Heavy Object and Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai!.

Enikki Recycle 14, the blog entries compilation of A1 (Initial-G) compiling the second half of 2009. This time the omake booklet features Mami (iDOLM@STER 2 version) and Lynette from Strike Witches.

T-Moon Complex X 06 and T-Moon Complex X Soushuuhen II, that compiles the volumes 4, 5 and the old release T-Moon Complex S by Shirotsumekusa of circle Crazy Clover Club. As a bonus, a shitajiki featuring both covers.
It seems that the next one will be the last chapter, and after that he'll do Mahoutsukai no Yoru stuff.

The C78 limited stick posters: Ciel, Akiha and the maids...

...and Rin & Archer.

The only interesting thing sold at the TYPE-MOON booth in C78 was the Mahoutsukai no Hako set, the rest was pointless stuff from Mahoutsukai no Yoru.
I don't have anything against Mahoyo, but as I said previously for me a TYPE-MOON work without the drawings by Takeuchi is not a TYPE-MOON work...
The contents are a mobile phone bag, some candies (inside the bag) , a sticker, a set of 4 coasters, a very small booklet, a metal badge and a mobile phone cleaner.

The small booklet includes a mini Mahoutsukai no Hako encyclopedia, a gallery and a rough sketches page. In the picture Hibiki and Chikagi cosplaying.

Kyoto, Haru, an enormous A3 sized doujinshi by Takeuchi Takashi and Kobayashi Jin under the doujin circle Rubicon Hearts sold at C77. The rest are Postscript of Kyoto in the spring copy book and a set of 5 postcards.

The main theme is, as the name implies, Kyoto in spring. The poster-like pages are really gorgeous and features several emblematic places from Kyoto. Since I lived there for a while, is nice to recognize the places, for example the place in the picture above is Tetsugaku no Michi.

Postscript of Kyoto in the spring, sold at Comitia 91, shows some setting materials for the doujinshi. According to this book, the name of the blond girl is Ariel.

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