Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Valkyria Chronicles 2 World Artworks

Valkyria Chronicles 2 World Artworks was released a couple of weeks ago and is now in my hands.

Following the tradition set with Valkyria Chronicles Development Artworks, the dust cover features a RAITA drawing with all the main characters:

The book is 304 pages long, and is heavily focused in the visuals of the game instead of the world setting like the previous one.

The contents are divided in a similar fashion. First of all there's a gallery section with original color illustrations by RAITA:

Voluptuous Juliana and Audrey.

Character section includes information for every character in the game, except the cameo ones from the first Valkyria Chronicles.

Obviously, the main characters features several more pages than the normal ones because they have more event graphics.

Also includes draft designs by RAITA. Aliasse battle suit was done with a bunny girl image in head.

More deigns. Juliana was supposed to be male at first...

And more. If is not clear yet, Juliana, Aliasse and Audrey are my favorite characters in the game..

The not main characters have two pages for each, much more than Valkyria Chronicles Development Artworks, that used the same amount of pages to cover up to 6 characters.

The weapons and mechanics section includes every weapon and vehicle that appears in-game. In the photo, Audrey's Geirolul and the post-game foe Ghost Tank.

The settings for the school and the rest of the background.

The Insert Movie section consist in screen-shots from the cut scenes compared with the storyboard. I omitted the adjacent page to avoid massive spoilers..

And finally, the last part shows early designs for the class G members. In the photo, Sophia and Magari.

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