Sunday, November 21, 2010

1/10 Matou Sakura by Wave

And to complete the trio of heroines from Fate, I also purchased 1/10 Matou Sakura by Wave.

Like Rin, the sculpt is by Okumura Yukio (circle the poppy puppet) and also is displaying her Fate/hollow ataraxia bikini.
Sakura is the least reproduced character in PVC figures out of the main heroines, and half of the time is with that bikini...

Again like Rin, the face is not 100% faithful to the character but is not really bad. The hand in front of her face seems oddly shaped in the pictures, but is cutely bended. The overall pose is very Sakura-ish, so I can't complain.

Back photo.

It would be nice if Wave releases all the other girls that also appeared in swimsuit in Fate/hollow ataraxia: Rider, Illya, Sella and Leysritt. Rider and Illya in bikini are plausible because there are already figures of them (even 2 versions in the case of Rider), but sadly Sella and Leys chances are zero to none.

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