Thursday, November 25, 2010

1/8 Canaan by Good Smile Company

I pre-ordered the figures of Canaan and Alphard months before were released, but I canceled them in late February because I ran out of money... At the beginning of the month I purchased them in a sale at Hobby Link Japan, with a 40% discount for Canaan and a 25% discount for Alphard, so at the end I got a great deal for waiting!

1/8 Canaan by Good Smile Company was a highly anticipated figure (I did an entry about it about 10 months before the release date), but CANAAN anime was not that popular at the end, and several quality issues made a lot of people cancel their orders. Is true that the final quality doesn't match the promotional shots from the prototype, but is not that bad as people said.

First of all, the highly dynamic sculpt by Iwamoto Kunihiro is stunning, showing Canaan jumping mid-air, dropping the cape in the process. I don't have any problem with Iwamoto's sculpt, Canaan face is good looking and there are tons of cool detail like her bracelet and pendant, but there are problems with the painting quality of the cape and the base, and the hair molding is not very good.

The cape painting job is not really that great if seen in a not optimum angle, and there are several white spots of what I suspect is glue. You must actively search for defects to see the problems because overall the figure is still good looking.

The external surface of the cape is better painted, but you can see the glue spots there...
The base isn’t quite as detailed as the official shots, but it gets the job done so I won't complain.

The other main problem can't be overlooked so easily, and is the molding of the hair with very visible seam lines and an almost lack of shading. Again, is not that bad with the correct light and in the correct angle but in an unfavorable light the result is pretty bad.
If you can overlook the hair problems, the rest of the sculpt is gorgeous.

You can display it without the cape, but them is a bit plain looking... also note the lack of shading in the hair compared with the rest of the body.

Overall, is a must figure for CANAAN fans (after all, there are not so many figures), and a great looking figure if you can oversee the overall minor faults.

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