Thursday, November 25, 2010

1/8 Alphard by Good Smile Company

The Companion figure of Canaan figure is 1/8 Alphard also by Good Smile Company.

Also sculpted by Iwamoto Kunihiro, displays Alphard in mid-air bending the body to the right. The highly dynamic feeling is again worth of praise.

Alphard, unlike Canaan, doesn't have any remarkable fault. The hair is well done and correctly shaded. I don't like the face sculpt as much as I like Canaan's one, but is close enough to the character.

There are tons of nice little details like the zipper or the subtle abdominal muscles.

And the sculpt is not really perfect: the trench pockets doesn't look like pockets at all.

The rear is also well detailed. There is a suspender strap on her back under the coat, but is hard to photograph without doing an awkward angle.

Overall is a better figure than Canaan, with a great dynamic pose and a more than acceptable paint job.

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