Wednesday, November 17, 2010

1/10 Saber by Wave

A bit late to do the reviews of the last batch of figures that I received at the beginning of this month because of an unexpected return to my job as a postman...

The first one is 1/10 Saber by Wave.

Like the previously released Rin, is part of the Beach Queens Treasure Figure Collection, so is wearing her Fate/hollow ataraxia bikini.

The sculpt is by the veteran Ogawa Yozo, inspired by this illustration by Takeuchi displaying an unusual Saber with her hair down.
The face is a bit too roundish and is not the best looking Saber by Ogawa, but I think is more a problem of the small scale of the figure rather than a sculptor's fault.

Alternately, you can display Saber with her usual bun.

Rear shot.

Like the previous Queens Treasure Figures, the quality is good for the price (available right now for less than 3,000 yen at AmiAmi), but lacking when compared with full priced figures

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