Sunday, November 21, 2010

1/10 Hoshii Miki by Wave

Along with Saber and Sakura, I also purchased 1/10 Hoshii Miki by Wave.

Surprisingly, there are not many completed models based in iM@S characters. There are 2 versions of Miki by Max Factory (I have the blond version), the elusive Miura Azusa in wedding dress by Good Smile Company and the ugly faced Brilliant Stage collection by Megahouse.

This is my third iM@S figure and is already my second Miki figure, despite being one of my least favorite characters (mostly because is non playable in The IDOLM@STER SP and her intelligence seems to be downgraded for that port).

The sculpt is by Hokusoh, and displays a cheerful Miki doing a kira pose dressed with her bikini.
The face seems way, way off for some reason; compared with the original artwork, the cheeks are too edgy shaped and the space between the eyes and mouth is too wide... Again, I don't like Miki as a character that much and perhaps I'm biased here, but I still prefer the Max Factory version by far.

There's extra hair parts to display her as awakened Miki, with short brown hair. I prefer the blond version.

Back shot.

Wave already announced Haruka and Azusa in the Beach Queens series, so it's seems that all the girls will be released.

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