Thursday, July 23, 2009

Upcoming TYPE-MOON figures

More prototypes of TYPE-MOON figures were displayed:

The pretty impressive Canaan figure by Good Smile Company. Sculpted by Iwamoto Kunihiro, but no info about the price or the release date.

Nendoroid Ryougi Shiki by Good Smile Company. 3500 yen to be released on October. They added the cat and the nekomimi from recalled out summer manga...

Nendoroid Canaan. Again 3500 yen to be released on November. The legs are a bit weird, and seems to be wearing diapers.

A glimpse of a future Nendoroid Alphard, also from CANAAN. No more info yet.

Mikatan's Blog and Hobby Japan September issue scan from

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Archerwannabe said...

That Canaan looks awesome!

Haha Diapers indeed