Friday, July 24, 2009

Ciel Clerical Robe Ver. & Battle Suit Ver. by ebCraft

Two more delayed figures where also released at the end of the last month: Ciel Clerical Robe Version and Ciel Battle Suit Version by ebCraft (Enterbrain).

Both are sculpted French Doll from Cerberus Project.

Battle Suit Version

Unlike most face sculpts by French Doll, Ciel is cool looking here.

The body paint seems to be hand painted.

The Seventh Holy Scripture is nicely shaded and detailed, too.

Clerical Robe Version

I'm very fond of Ciel dressed as a nun, because as I explained in this post, I discovered TYPE-MOON thanks to her.

Unlike the prototypes shown, the final product doesn't come with detachable glasses.

Both figures have an almost identical sculpt because is based in a resin kit with optional parts.

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