Thursday, July 30, 2009

Osaka lot (2)

Several booklets related to TYPE-MOON that were released as a magazines extras:

Fate/stay night Complete Goods Collection
, an extra in Dengeki G's magazine May '06 Issue. As expected, now is totally outdated.

extra in Comptiq March '08 Issue. Focused in Fate/Zero.

Fate Pleasure Book,
extra in Comptiq May '06 Issue. Focused in Fate/stay night anime that was still on air on that time...

, an extra in Megami Magazine December '07 Issue. I don't know nothing about Nanoha except the names of the main characters, and I bought it only for the cover by Takeuchi and an inner illustration by BLACK.

AQUA BLUE by circle Tear Drop, featuring Hoshina Tomoko from To Heart. Usually tsuina works are highly overpriced (I paid for this doujinshi 2,000 yen, and the really rare ones can go up to 20,000) but since I bought AQUA BLUE 2 at the last Comiket, at least I wanted to buy the first part. tsuina is one of my favourite doujinshi artists, and one of the very few that still draws about the original To Heart.

Milk Hunters 6
, the rare to find final chapter of the popular Pretty Cure parody by circle KuroYuki. With this I have all his Milk Hunters works.

And Kanako-sama Yume Mousou by Tsukiwani from Circle Nurumaya. A Touhou Project parody starring Kanako and with both Sanae and Suwako making appearance... Is the first Touhou doujinshi that I bought, but I'm still saying to myself that I'm not a Touhou fan...

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Archerwannabe said...


I had that Aqua blue doujinshi. Got it with a huge pack of doujinshi, took what I wanted from it and sold the rest, that included....
Sold off about 150 of them for 60 euros D:
And it wasn´t even the only relatively rare doujinshi included.

Too bad there isn´t more of Fate/stay night Complete Goods Collection, makes it so much easier to keep on track of the collectibles there are
...though by now it would resemble a phone book.
Well, at least we have you to keep us updated.