Thursday, July 2, 2009

Beginning of July loot

I wasted all the weekend doing the previous Evangelion summary and responding to questions at EvaGeeks forums in detriment of my studies. Now I have outstanding homework, and in the last 2 round-up tests I scored below my average... and this is pretty bad since I have only 3 weeks of classes left.

As a result, most likely I will not update the blog until I'm over, but before of it I will list the purchases of the past 6 days:
-Figma Drossel by Max Factory.
-Ciel Battle Suit Version by ebCraft/Enterbrain.
-Ciel Clerical Robe Version by ebCraft/Enterbrain.
-Ryougi Shiki by Movic.
-Dengeki G's magazine August issue, that as an extra included princess Arcueid figure.
-CompAce August issue.
-Dengeki Daioh August issue, that as an extra included normal Arcueid figure.
-Shounen Ace August issue.
-Evangelion Comic 2009 - Summer Special Edition
-Gemaga August issue.
-Dengeki Playstation July issue.
-Chara-Mel August issue.
-Dengeki Hime August issue, that as an extra included child Arcueid figure.

I didn't opened any of them yet, so I will try to do short reviews once I'm over with classes.

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LEon said...

Oh my! you got Figma Drossel! I wanted to get one too but still could not get the stock...