Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Today I'm in a mood to write, so I'll explain how I discovered the works of TYPE-MOON.

In December of 2002 I bought at Hobby Link Japan a figure of a nice character that I knew nothing about it.
I don't buy figures of characters that I'm not familiar with, but that character was specially appealing. I'm talking about this figure:

(very old picture that I took in Spain)

Is Tsukihime DX Figure Series Ciel by Spring.

I bought it mostly because I have a slight nun fetish, and Ciel was very similar to Takagi Yumiko/Yumie, my favorite character from Hirano Kouta's manga Hellsing.

Yumiko is a meganekko nun and Yumie is her violent katana-wielding alter-ego.

When I bought Ciel I looked at the old Tsukihime website for more info about the characters, but the rest of the cast seemed to me plain looking (Arcueid and Akiha) or very stereotyped (the maids), so I forgot about it.

Several months passed until the name Tsukihime appeared in my path again. It was in Zepy's blog Canned Dogs, when announced that an anime adaptation was in the works. That piqued my curiosity again, so I "played" the game in a Game Boy Advance hacked ROM format ("played" because I clicked throught it unable to read any sentence).

's designs grew on me, and I became a regular of Evospace's The Moonlit World (when was still called "In Respect to Type-Moon") to get more info about it.
single-handedly created the western TYPE-MOON fan-base with his webpage, and for many years (before the games were translated) was the only reference source. I can't thank him enough to let an at that moment non-japanese reading fan like me get introduced into TYPE-MOON universe.

After that I began to buy merchandise, tons of them. At first I began with a few figures and resin-kits, but after the release of Fate/stay night, I began to buy all the stuff that I was able to get.

The following are photos that I took in Spain a couple of years ago:

Fate/stay night, first limited edition, regular edition and DVD version re-release.
Fate/hollow ataraxia, first limited edition and regular edition.
Melty Blood Act Cadenza for PS2.
Tsukihime, PLUS-DISC, Kagetsu Tohya and Tsukibako.
Melty Blood and the expansions Re-Act and Final Tuned.

Missing in the photo I also own Fate/stay night [Réalta Nua] extra edition, Melty Blood: Act Cadenza Ver. B, Fate/tiger colosseum Tokumori Box, Fate/tiger colosseum Upper Megamori Box (that I bought while staying in Japan but I already sent it to Spain), 428 ~Fuusa Sareta Shibuya De~ and Fate/unlimited codes SP-Box.

Fate/side side materiale, Fate/side side materiale 2, Fate/side side materiale 3, Tsukihime Shiryoushuu (aka White Book), Tsukihime Hiyori, Angel Voice, Tsukihime Dokuhon (aka Blue Book), Tsukihime Tsuushin vol. 1 and Tsukihime Tsuushin vol. 3.
I will not explain the contents in detail, but those are rare (and expensive) TYPE-MOON stuff.

This is a small sample of the stuff that I own, because the collection is still growing. Once I'm back to Spain I'll take updated pictures.

A year ago I began a list with the TYPE-MOON related stuff that I own, and I update it often. It contains all the games, figures, resin kits, gashapon, trading figures and plushes, but CDs, DVDs and printed matter are still missing.
The list can be found at:


Anonymous said...

Dang, Fate Side materiale(1) is really expensive.

a said...

Do you have by any chance willing to sell the Tsukihime Tsuushin vol. 1.
around $50 is appreciated. Please e-mail me if you are interested.

Soth said...

Sorry for the late reply. For now I don't want to part with anything from my collection.
Now I'm barely a fan of TYPE-MOON works, but back in the time I spent a lot of money and time hunting for items for my collection and I don't want to throw all that effort. Even less in the case of the Tsuushin booklets, because I have the whole set.

Anonymous said...

Soth// I was looking for the Tsuushin once again, and now I visited your blog because the comment that I left last year came up to my mind.

That's too bad! Currently have vol.2 and 3, but no vol.1
Even if I double the price that still isn't enough to change your mind, right? :)