Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Beginning of February loot

Today I went to buy the stuff released in the past few days.

Comp Ace March issue. I bought it because it have a TYPE-MOON calendar that sadly doesn't have any new artwork. Next month issue seems pretty uninteresting, so until they throw an interesting extra I'll refrain from buying this magazine.

MELTY BLOOD 6 by Kirishima Takeru. This volume is the end of Sion route, with the final of Walakia and the brief appearance of Riesbyfe.
I already read the next two chapters serialized in CompAce; the next part will be focused in the Tohno Mansion, with Hisui and Kohaku influenced by Tatari and the appearance of Miyako.

Kara no Kyoukai Mujun Rasen E-conte Shuu. This is the storyboard of the 5th Rakkyo movie, and is 3 times thicker than the rest of storyboards released until now because the movie is twice as long as the previous ones. The person who drew most of this e-conte is Hirao Takayuki, the director of the movie, but I prefer the drawing style of Takiguchi Teiichi, director and e-conte draftsman of the previous movie.
Let's compare a random page from both storyboards:

Left: Takiguchi Teiichi's e-conte for Garan no Dou, last scene.
Right: Hirao Takayuki's e-conte for Mujun Rasen, Touko and the rocket pencil scene.

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