Saturday, February 28, 2009


Still playing iDOLM@STER.
Is really addictive. Now I understand why Miura Kentaro stopped Berserk to play it, and the people spending hours in the arcade game.
On Thursday I played more than 10 hours in the morning, and at night I forgot to sleep. When I realized it was already past seven...
Now I'm forcing myself to take long breaks from the game, hoping that my IM@S fever drops down to a much less serious state..

I regret for not preorder the limited edition. Not for the alternate jackets or the limited Weiβ Schwarz trading card (the TCG rival of Lycèe) but for the product code for downloading the school uniform.

I did a search in Yahoo! Auctions because now the people that purchased multiple copies for the store extras are selling it, but because I must use a proxy bidder (I don't have an account in Yahoo! Auctions) the final price rises a lot (item price + proxy fee + shipping from seller to proxy + shipping to proxy to me; and pay in USD, that is now weak against the Yen).

At the end I bought the limited edition of IDOLM@STER Perfect Sun via eBay from a seller located here, in Kyoto.
After the exchange rate convertions (Euro to USD to Yen) I paid 6,500 yen for it, so is not that bad after all because the retail price was about 5,000 yen.

The reversible jackets:
The game, a leaflet and the Weiβ Schwarz card:

Now I'm missing Missing Moon (pun intended), but I'll wait until I'm over with the other two.

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