Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Beginning of March loot

Yesterday I bought Gemaga Magazine April issue for the cover and the inner poster. The iM@S girls looks gorgeous in that dress.

It also contains a bit of information about Mahoutsukai No Yoru, the new game by TYPE-MOON.

I think some of those pictures are new, but I don't care much. The lack of Takeuchi Takashi as the main designer was a joykiller for me, so I'm rather expecting CANAAN than this.

I also purchased a 5,000 yen PlayStation Network Card. I must correct myself; the price is the amount of the card.
Is a bit hard to find stores with the PSN cards compared to the Wii po
int cards and the Microsoft point cards, and in the first shop that I tried they were out of stock. I think that thanks to IdolM@ster, the PSN cards purchased skyrocketed (when was released in the 360, Microsoft points sold were multipied by 4).

And today's loot:
Kalafina's debut album, Seventh Heaven, released today.
Kalafina performs the theme songs for the Kara no Kyoukai movies.

Saber Shashin-shuu, a collection of portraits of Saber. Expensive, few pictures and none by Takeuchi... but I purchased it even knowing that beforehand.
The book is hard to keep open and I don't have scanner, so I can't take pictures of it, but here is a bad picture of the bromide included:

I also wanted to buy the limited edition of the manga Idolm@ster Break! by Fujima Takuya, that it was also released today, because it contained a download code for a dress and an accesory for the games, but was already sold out in Animate, Melon Books, Gamers, Kinokuniya and even in the nearest mom and pops book shop...

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