Sunday, March 22, 2009

Idolm@ster Break! Volume 1

As I said in the March 4 entry, I wanted to buy the limited edition of the manga Idolm@ster Break! by Fujima Takuya because it contained download contents codes for iM@S SP, but at least in Kyoto, was already sold out when I tried to buy it in the release day.

Yesterday I received the copy that I purchased using Yahoo! Auctions + Shopping Mall Japan (and spending way too much in the process).

The extras were another Weiβ Schwarz card and two DLC cards: Blue Cross Pure (a Cute&Girly type dress) and Dakko Neko (a hand accesory). In the photo Azusa is wearing both, but is not really visible (is hard to take a picture of a moving tiny screen...).

The story is the stereotypical fanservice harem story: random 16-old-guy must work surrounded by girls of about his age.
Fujima is also the author of the manga version of Negima!? Neo, the spin-off of Akamatsu Ken's Mahou Sensei Negima and both the setting and the drawing style reminds me a lot of the only Akamatsu's manga that I read, Love Hina.
I expected a far worse manga, but I think is good enough to purchase the second volume when available.

The main cast. Ami & Mami, Azusa, Ritsuko and Makoto show up only in the extra 4-koma, joking about their absence in the manga.
The rival idols Hibiki and Takane appear in the last panel of the manga, so they will appear a lot in the next volume.

Iori playing her tsundere part.

Random page. The girls are wearing the new SP casual wear.

Now I'm playing iM@S only about an hour each day because I'm studying for the Japanese placement test that I'm having on April 3 at the university. My holidays are almost over ;_;


Sirsus said...

Let me know when you come back!! You have loads of stuff to tell me!!

Soth said...

Man, long time no see... I didn't expected you to come to my blog!
As you can see, I'm the same as always and Japan didn't changed me.
Once back, I absolutely must meet with you!

Sirsus said...

I check your blog from time to time, I simply don't post because, like you, I'm a social web stalker :-).

I think that the visit to Japan, if anything, is making you even more fanatic of all that otaku underworld :-P.

Haven't you managed to get a job teaching spanish (or catalan!) yet??