Thursday, March 26, 2009

Chara☆Mel 8 & MELTY BLOOD Guidebook

Yesterday I purchased Chara☆Mel magazine and MELTY BLOOD Actress Again Kouryaku Guide.

I purchased Chara☆Mel because the extra dvd contained a CANAAN preview, but it just contains a few seconds of previously unseen material. I uploaded it on YouTube:

The magazine contains a few pages with info about it. Is scheduled to air this summer.

There's also a few pages for Idolmaster SP, specifically Hibiki.

Until today, I bought every single MELTY BLOOD Guide Book released, mostly for the in-game cuts than the strategic/movelist part.
I was hoping for Dust of Osiris (the new final boss) full body pics and dialogue portraits, but her cuts are missing. I supose they are waiting to release in another guidebook (Ichijinsha released 3 different guidebooks for Act Cadenza...)

At least it have all the endings:

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